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Genre: Fulldome, Astronomy
Country: Czech Republic
Duration: 15 min. + 15 min starry sky
Recommended age: from 4 years

Have you ever wondered how the astronauts do their job? After watching the «Cosmix» show it will be absolutely clear to you! But hold tight, it will be a crazy ride. You will find out what a space flight looks like and how to prepare for it. You will jump from a spinning centrifuge straight into a cosmic rocket. And where it will take you? Why, to the International Space Station! But worry not, we won't bore you with technical details. On the contrary, the practice is all that matters! You will learn to sleep in space, to cook a cosmic food, to use a cosmic toilet and – just to be sure – to wash yourselves properly. You won't miss a grand finale, though. And by that we mean a nerve–wracking return back to Earth in a red–hot spaceship cabin! Buckleup!

Only in the planetarium you can see an unusual fulldome show and at the end of the film you will take a tour of the fascinating starry sky (in Russian).

Ticket price — 6.00 BYN