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Mice and Moon

Genre: Fulldome, Astronomy
Country:  Belarus
Duration: 15 min. + 15 min starry sky
Recommended age: from 4 years

A tale about two little mice Pip and Chip who wondered if anybody bites the big Moon Cheese shining in the sky? The bats didn’t know the answer, neither did the Wise Owl.

Luckily, Pip and Chip met two astronomy-savvy robots who explained what the Moon is indeed. They told about the Moon Mares without any water or Moon fish, showed the Moon craters trough the telescope. Pip and Chip were so impressed they wished they could fly to the Moon one day!

This fairy-tale is for curious kids. It helps to answer some questions about the Moon and explains important scientific facts in a friendly way.

Only in the planetarium you can see an unusual fulldome show and at the end of the film you will take a tour of the fascinating starry sky (in Russian).

Ticket price — 5.00 BYN